Urban Assemblages (Graduate Class)
Fall 2014
Urban Arrangements offers students an introduction to the concept of assemblage (or agencement [arrangement]) in the context of urban studies. In Urban Studies the concept of assemblage and related work derived from Actor-Network-Theory is credited with transforming and challenging conventional understandings of the object of study. Some of the most important texts coming out of urban studies over the past decade have utilized, both explicitly and implicitly, an agencement approach.
Spring 2014
Social Change in the Middle East offered students an introduction to postcolonial theory and an
examination of the academic literature on the Arab world since the start of the Arab uprisings in
December 2011. Students investigated the contemporary issues of the Middle East through a
multifaceted approach that includes academic literature, social media and class discussion. By
the end of the course students were able to independently and critically engage
with the academic literature that focuses on the contemporary events in the Arab world.
Fall 2012 and Spring 2013
Offered students an introduction to research methods in international studies and aimed to:

1. Enhance student’s research skills and the ability to apply qualitative, and basic quantitative, research methods for the purposes of primary research.
2. Develop student’s analytical skills to enable them to critically assess secondary research materials and utilize primary research.
3. Improve student’s knowledge of the history and political culture of two regions of the world.

Students investigated international issues through data collection, analysis, interpretation, social media and graphic, written and oral presentation. Emphasis was placed on the application of different modes and models of inquiry to social problems. The course was writing and research intensive to prepare students for the independent research project, the capstone project, required for all international studies majors.
Supervised Undergraduate Senior Thesis
Aliessa, Reem. 2013. Lost in Translation: The
Dynamics of Defining the Syrian Refugee Under the
Universal Refugee Framework. (Awarded the Thomas Karis Prize for research in International Studies)

ElHaies, Mariam. 2014. Post-Mubarak Neo-liberal Urbanism in Cairo: A look into Cairo’s built environment.

Mughal, Syria. 2014. The Green Movement and Democracy in Iran.

Smalls, Alea. 2013. Afro-Asia Cooperation: Sino-Ethiopia: Partnership or Colonialism?.